warm weather

it is February in Michigan. it is suppose to be cold, snowy, dreary. with gray days and routine. but not today….today it was beautiful, sunny and over sixty, 60!! we spent a majority of the day outside, feigning chores and work but really just soaking in the warm of the sun. it wasn’t that long ago that we had a spell of over a week without any sunshine at all. to say that the sun and warmth was a welcome delight would be understating how glorious this day was, in the middle of February in Michigan. the warm day gave me a chance to walk bare foot in the garden, the paths mushy and cold. carelessly i walked over where my nettle patch usually spreads out i was reminder to be mindful for the sting. looking closely i could see small nettle leaves taking the same advantage of the warm sunlight.


tiny nettle leaves

As i began to pay a little bit more mind to the garden itself i noticed that the nettles weren’t the only ones green and soaking in the sun. Parsley, Strawberries and spinach were green and growing. it is so exciting to see. In the back of my mind though, i hear the whisper…’it’s only February, too soon’.


i also checked on our new (last spring) fruit tree. They are all looking well, some with buds starting to swell. i am excited to see that they are healthy and growing, but again the whisper ‘it’s too soon, only February’.

the next week here in Michigan is suppose to be well above average. i will enjoy the warmer weather and the clear roads. i will also be whispering to the plants, it’s too soon, only Funerary, not yet!

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