Circling, creating, manifestation and mandalas

Over the weekend i invited some friends over to create art. Not just any art but intention setting mandalas! the new moon occurred this weekend also, a powerful one. on my journey i am trying to be more mindful of the cyclic way of the things. I am exploring the moon cycle as a way of being more focus on the intentions/goals/growth that i have in the upcoming month. not only will following the phases of the moon help me see the progress of my goals and journey, the power of the moon cycle and phases themselves can help with the manifestation.


The new moon phase of the lunar cycle is the time to set your intentions. you can do this in many ways from writing a manifestation list to creating art. this month i chose to create art. Not just any art but mandalas (gosh i love those things!!). intention setting mandalas. i love this project. the first one i did was for mandala magic, setting our intentions for the course over the next year.

i invited some friends to join me in this powerful new moon to set our intentions for the next month. i took a couple of pictures but it was so much fun chatting and creating with two of my close friends. powerful.


the process. my favorite part.


finished mandalas

it’s always interesting to see what ends up in your collage, what messages you can pick out for yourself from yourself.

mandalas are powerful.

circling is powerful.

art is powerful.

When women circle and create with purpose, powerful things happen.

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