Winter is still here

Living in Michigan the weather can be unpredictable. warm, rainy and windy in February and snow, freezing temperatures and ice in march. it is what it is. i’m ready for spring!

the cold weather has made it easier to get my business inside he house done. there has been so much going on and coming up for my green cauldron. somethings are still in the works and i will hold off on those announcements until the time is right. BUT my green cauldron has launch an Etsy store (my green cauldron) for lotions, lip balms and teas! it is exciting to see and have so many love the lotion i make. it is slow going here in the beginning though. waiting for a sale (I’ve had one through the store). i never realized just how much there is to do to sell something you make online. it is a BIG learning curve, that means i am having a great time. i love diving and learning something new.

lotion labels

lotion labels printed and ready to go.

i am also very excited about all the ideas flowing forth for My Green Cauldron. i think the point has come in my journey that i am stepping out of the comfort zone and doing what i have always wanted! i want to open up our home/space to our friends for workshops, art, music, tribe/community gatherings. this cold weather is putting a bit of a damper on that. Josh and i have got a couple of things scheduled (hula hoop making and mushroom log inoculation) and i am extra excited about it. plans for re-doing the pole barn are in the making so that we can host more people here.

i love mushrooms

so over the next few weeks/months we will be expanding our offerings, growing slowly and organically to become something i have been dreaming about.


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