My Green Cauldron


Unleash Your Light, Brighten the World!

An amazing offering from healers to help people find their light and brighten the world.

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Let Go

Release is one of my practices. Learning how to let go, surrender. What are you releasing today?

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Why My Green Cauldron?

Why My Green Cauldron? I have had questions about the name I have chosen for my business. I always believe names are important. There is a lot attached to words and names. We all carry some sort of association with…

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“Hurtling through the void, we just may learn to fly. -Danaan Parry”

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Circling, creating, manifestation and mandalas

Over the weekend i invited some friends over to create art. Not just any art but intention setting mandalas! the new moon occurred this weekend also, a powerful one. on my journey i am trying to be more mindful of…

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