Morning Silence

I am sitting here in front of the computer, working. the house is quiet, the coffee is hot and i am day dreaming.coffemorning

many changes have happened for me over the last year or so. ok so there have been lots of changing for many years, but recently it feels like changes are coming fast and faster. it is amazing how things can change so quickly. i have always been happy and content in my comfort zone (ok, not really. but that is another blog post. i felt safe in my comfort zone). lately i have been stepping out of that bubble, following my interest and my heart. i am saying yes to opportunities presented to me and that has made the biggest difference. so here in the silence of the morning, my me time, i contemplate all the changes and challenges. reaching out to things i have been called to, I’ve always thought and dreamed of doing. it’s rather exciting and for one of the first times ever i am not afraid to leave the comfort zone, i am not afraid of the changes or the challenges. the feelings i had felt before, stomach ache, headache, out-and-out fear, are no longer there. ok there is a little bit of fear, but the good kind that gets you prepared and excited for the new.

in the next few weeks and months I know that we will be shifting into something new and different. something that will change the direction (slightly) from where we are now and shift our life onto a new path. i will take the initial steps
with trepidation, anticipation, and great excitement. no longer will I hid in the safety of the comfort zone.

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