Fruit trees, pests, and soul work

This morning I am out tending to out fruit trees. We just planted them last year. It didn’t take long for the bugs to find them…..not long at all. As I am out spraying them with a DIY spray I didn’t see the bugs, only the damage they are causing. This got me to thinking about life, how we are and the baggage we carry. A lot of times there are thoughts, beliefs and baggage we carry they we don’t even ‘see’, realize that we have but the damage that it causes is the most noticeable action. It is only through continual care of ourselves, the internal sort of care, the looking at the damaged spots and digging deep into finding the cause, that we can see what is causing the damage and deal with it. In caring this second summer of my fruit trees that I have realized that until you can completely find, dig into, and deal with the problem can you actual get through it. Last year I tried a different type of spray to keep these pests off my trees. Unfortunately, this year they came back and I am digging a little deeper and trying something different. It is the same way when you dig deep into your own issues. You will keep cycling back to fully deal with what you are carrying. You may have to try more ways than one, you may have to dig a little deeper into the damage to see where it came from. BUT just as if I’d stop caring for the trees the pests would do far more damage so too would happen to me if I stopped doing my self-care and digging deep. It is so important to stop and sit and be with yourself to dive into your damage to find how you can begin to make repairs, to take pro-action in your own survival.

Just a side note, I realize that I will probably being deal with pests on my fruit trees for…..well, forever. It is a big issue in the area (Michigan has a lot of fruit trees!) and trying to find an organic way to deal with it is going to take time and probably be just a matter of controlling them. I think I can do is maintain healthy trees. Ones that are feed right and water properly, so that when the pests start to do their damage the trees are healthy and strong and able to handle the small amounts of damage. I sure am going to keep spraying them.To help me cycle through my own damage I need to be healthy and strong too. I need to have a system in place to help, a spray of sorts, to minimize the damage as I continue to grow.


My DIY spray for bugs

1 cup of veggie oil (it has been suggested to use canola which isn’t an oil i use so i substituted olive)

1 tbl soap, real soap! i use Dr Bonner’s unscented

1/2 oz of Neem oil

1 gallon of water

mix them all together and put them into your spraying apparatus

i do not spray my trees (or veggies) everyday, but i am out there looking at them, talking to them and picking off any pests that i see.

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