Basil from the Garden

It’s harvest time here and the basil (Ocimum basilicum) is growing well. The sunny location in the garden has served them well. i really love the smell of basil, taking leaves from the plants is such an aromatic experience. Basil also makes a easy to grow windowsill herb, so you never have to be without fresh leaves.

Basil is an important herb on many levels, from magic to culinary to medicinal. it is one of my favorite garden herbs.  when it comes to food, basil is a well known ingredient. what spaghetti dish would be complete without it? there is a reason that basil is associated with pasta dishes. it helps digest the carbs of the pasta, it is also a big help for your digestive issues (gassiness, indegestion). i love eating tomatoes with basil, they go very well together. basil is also a helpful ally when you are down with the cold/flu. not only can it help break up the phlemgy/mucousy stuff, it also helps with fevers (it makes you sweat it out) it is definitely the tea you want/need when you need a little warmth and a sunny summer day.

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