Day 5 of 100 Day Project, Art on a Roll

Funny how beginnings can never determine the end….only that there will be one. I’m in the middle of the Virtual Art Summit hosted by Kellee Wynne. I’m having a Fabulous time and learning so so many new things. most art things are new to me (i’m a very new artist), i absolutely LOVE hearing and seeing how others create. from the messy to the pristine, the funky to the serene. why haven’t i been spending more time with artists?? so i may be lost to FB for a while as i spend my time immersed in Art and Artists and i will definitely be creating…..otherwise all the ideas might make my head *pop*

sometimes you have to go to far to know how far to go.
Day 5 Finished

This piece was inspired by Kellee Wynne herself. i had a lot of fun playing, being intuitive, being surprised, going to far at some points and probably not far enough in others. When i started this piece i did not realize it would be reminiscent of roses in my garden…but it is. i love hoe roundy swirly circles of color bring to mind the garden. being a biologist and an herbalist i usually dive into the details of the plants, how many petals, what kinds of soil, leaf placement and shape, this exercise reminded me of meditation and the fading away of the details to the flow of energy, color splotches, smells, sounds (can you hear the bees buzzing?).

i have to admit i think that this art thing may have been the piece i have been looking for. that piece that will help further me on my journey to higher vibration, allowing me to dive deeper into my spirituality. to get to know and express this part of myself i never knew was there….artist.

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