Circles and Chakra 3

i’ve been really into paint these watercolor circles. they bring me great happiness. they are also very good for helping me when i have stuff to think about. lately that has been the third chakra, the power center… kinda goes along with the work i have done (been doing…working on) with the vesica picsis. in a lot of images i see about the energy fields that radiate around us (yes, a detectable energy field) and many believe it is from the 3 chakra that this energy starts from. when our energy field meet they form the vesica picses, a place of creation.

it’s so fun to see how the colors swirl and move around and into each other. adding the doodles is so much fun. i have to admit that these circles are also very freeing for me. i can just doodle what ever i want where ever. no worries, no perfect, no thoughts just fun flow of expression….not something i am use to doing. painting these little fire balls and seeing them no gives me a burst of the energy. the 3 chakra is the place of focused power. the foundation of chakra one, the energy of chakra 2, the focus chakra 3. drawing up power and energy, getting the momentum for rising into the higher chakras.

i have also been looking into yoga poses and the ones related to the different chakras, in particular the third chakra. one of the things i am going to incorporate into my daily routine is the breath of fire breathing. have you tried this breathing technique?

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