My Green Cauldron


Orange circles

Some of the art I am doing. This will become an envelope. I’m getting ready for a mailing to friends. (Do I have your address for snail mail?) It has been a rough season for me and I’m glad to…

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Circles and Chakra 3

circles and the third chakra

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Rest, relax, hibernate


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Chakra Crystals

for each chakra more than one crystal is listed as being helpful. how do you choose which ones to use? i know that it will be a fine tuning for each person and each healing session. i am going to…

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Unleash Your Light, Brighten the World!

An amazing offering from healers to help people find their light and brighten the world.

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Morning Yoga

i have been having a hard time making and maintaining am at home yoga routine. i have found it hard to get the motivation going at the times i have for the practice. i thought this morning wouldn’t be any…

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