Awareness, My Up-cycled Art Book

so here i go again following that sparkly squirrel. i had seen some where (probably pinterest) about make paper from old magazine pages. no not that paper making, no water no mess! this process involved a glue stick, my sewing machine, some gesso, and the book Awareness by Osho.

i had the magazines. after gathering them and gluing them i pulled out my trusty Singer sewing machine.

the sewing was quite fun, a free form motion to make designs/marks/texture. one of my boys enjoyed playing around with sewing the pages.

this really was my most favorite part, collage. Bits from my collection of made pieces, cut out images from the magazines, i even glued on pieces of fabric!

the pages were so pretty when they were done! i almost stopped here with the project. i didn’t though and the next step was gesso!

so the gesso went on, i took a rag and smeared it, rubbed some off, added more here, water there and just played around until i felt they were done.

i think i will be investing in some transparent and black gesso.

i even tried to mix color into my gesso….well that didn’t work out as planned! lol! live and learn. this is definitely still a work in progress. once the gesso dried, i am adding doodles, quotes and other art pertaining to awareness.

stay tuned to see how this project progresses.

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