What’s Up June 2020?

so it’s been a couple days/weeks since i posted. no big deal but during the time that i was away i gave thought to this website and blog. i have been doing this for ‘others’ (thank you if you regularly follow along). i want to change that….i want to do this for me (i really do enjoy it). to have record of what i am doing, how things are going, just life in general. not that i have a big important everyone look sort of life, i don’t. i have a simple, quiet life. Not a lot of friends, not a lot of drama, not a lot of crazy (although i will chase that shiny squirrel in circles!! LOL!) so while a part of this space is for my small, tiny business of tea blending and kombucha, this space is also for me to document this life, this time, this lady.

pictures and talking

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