Art Journalings & Meandering Thoughts

Dear Me, You, and Peaches too

is time magic?
is time magic?

Is time magic? thoughts that i have while creating. it is something that we have made into a precise tool. one measuring fractions of seconds. Fractions. of. Seconds.

ancestors following the sun and moon cycles, watching the changing of the seasons, and how everything spirals, the same, yet different. the natural flow of the days, cycles, seasons. i am loving The 8 Fold Year with Julie Gibbons. following the equinoxes, solstices, the natural flow of the witch’s year.

measuring time, the human structure of seconds, minutes, hours. this feels like a yoke, a unnatural structure imposed over the cyclic flow. it definitely limits time to a straight forward motion. one so measured with precision. i know that time isn’t set, that it expands and contracts.

right now it feels like a binding spell, keeping us from exploring limitlessness.

Beautiful Moon

The moon is so beautiful in the sky.

First attempt at clouds with pastels

Art, Peaches and Shadow work……have you started your shadow work? looking inward to see what makes you re-act, project, trigger, it’s not easy work. it’s not easy to look at your own downfalls, to look into your deep seeded fears. you cannot always see the filters you look at life through. ones that your society /culture gives you, the ones your family hand down, the ones your own experiences give you. i think now we are see our societal/cultural shadow, the dark demons that have infiltrated the overall thinking of our culture. it’s ugly head is rearing and instead of facing those demons we fit tooth and nail to shove it back into the proverbial bottle. really the work is at the individual level….we cannot fix this until we all start doing our shadow/inner work. most folks are no where near the place to start that work and that is why we continually spiral down to lower vibrations.

ego-centric circles
Ego-centric Circles

and the journaling from the day before spills into today’s. thinking of shadow work and what is one of the hardest aspects to it. i have found for me it is Ego. funny little buggar, here to help us run the body, to give us individuation, need to live in this dimension/vibration/place. there is a balance with the Ego and that is your spiritual/higher dimension/universe, (y)our divine being. how easily that is forgotten…Ego such a trickster….this is not about religion or religious beliefs, it is about your spiritual journey of becoming. desire is the the divine wanting to experience something, in the thoughts of spiritual journey it will lead to higher vibrations, lead to love. without the spiritual journey Ego takes our desires turns them into some thing dark and selfish.

spiritual journey takes responsibility, it doesn’t leave the work to others. no finger pointing, no trying to guilt others into actions for you, to actually turn the finger on yourself and say this baggage is mine. the best part is that once you take the responsibility you can make a change…..not force others to change, but make that change for the better within yourself.

well my thoughts are meandering into nonsense. i am just trying to wrap my head are somethings. ego, other people and why they do what they do, patterns in interactions with people, what am i responsible for, am i finger pointing or enabling….yet again i digress……

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