Finishing & Beginning Again

To Me, You, & Peaches too

It feels like things should be winding down… Lammas has passed and i am in harvest mode. The cooler weather is not helping at all. This winding down feeling has me thinking of finishing up some art projects and getting my stuff out of Hubby’s garage. There is one project i am ready to get done. i can tell i am in the finishing stages because i am dragging my feet. i don’t want it to end and i am not fond of the ‘finishing’ aspect. This means that i will probably spend the day painting boards and mounting artwork. fun…not really.

once this project is done it has been suggested i apply for an art show. i’m not sure about that, but i am curious as to what folks do with their art once it is done. this project has produced 9 14×14 pieces of art!

I also started another spin off project from the Alternative Universe Project, it’s working title is Alternative Landscapes (clever, huh?). There are 2 different projects to this one, one involving plants (imagine!) the other using salt (no, not from my tears….although what an interesting idea….hmmmm). the two projects are about, of course, landscapes. one is a view from above the other is looking at horizons. I’m still practicing techniques and experiment with the mediums and tools. so much FUN!! it is hard to focus on the finishings when these project is right there waiting.

I’ve also found this fun, plant based watercolor project that i am enjoying. i really haven’t fun an art medium that i haven’t liked. these are so pretty and they can be very meditative to add the extra watercolors later. This is where the idea for alternative landscapes began!

I have also been keeping up with my Meditative Art Journaling. i am loving it and it is my favorite time of the morning. Music, coffee and art what could be better….heck when that is also your self care to work through some of the shit, that’s what makes it better.

We also had a visitor in our mudroom. a very big and pretty moth. i haven’t looked into what kind it is but i think it’s pretty.

moth in the mudroom
Moth in the mudroom

I have also been trying to keep up on the morning card readings. here are a few from the past week. interesting to see if there are any patterns and correspondences in life.

so that is what has been going on here. just trying to keep busy while we have this covid thing going on. This situation has really effected everyone, and in different ways. we are all trying to carry on as normal with all these new restrictions and mandates. The tensions is palpable. fear, anger, anxiety are all energies filling the air. i hope everyone is taking care of themselves.

spread the love.

Blessed Be


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