meal plan, the beginning

Josh and i recently took over a food buying club that orders every 4 weeks. I have been wanting to be more of a monthly shopper (i hate grocery shopping)  and I think this is a great time to start that monthly meal plan (hopefully by July’s food club order deadline I can have this done). I have been saving our meal lists for the last couple months to see which meals we eat most often, actually it’s the easy meals that all my kids will eat! The meal list i came up with has about 20 meals which isn’t too bad since our buying cycle is every 4 weeks, leaving 4 meals to be repeated, 4 days open for new meals, left overs and the occasional going out to eat. The next step is gathering the recipes for these meals and making the master food list. I am fortunate enough that the popular meals in my house are also ones that I can cook in bulk and have a couple dinners for the freezer (think taco meat, sloppy joes, garlic chicken pasta). BONUS!


Lunches are pretty simple around here but i have also made a list of the things the boys like to eat AND can make themselves. This is also the time I can stock up on things for around the house like toilet paper and toothpaste.

So this is the first step in my goal of monthly meal planning, next time……the recipes and the master grocery list.

I am scouring the internet for more tips and tricks that will help make this work for us.

Do you monthly meal plan? what are your favorite tips, tricks, recipes?

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