Why My Green Cauldron?

Why My Green Cauldron?

I have had questions about the name I have chosen for my business. I always believe names are important. There is a lot attached to words and names. We all carry some sort of association with them, good and bad. When I first started thinking about starting a business one of the first things I did, besides contemplating the type of business, was think about the name. I really needed something that could encompass all that I love to do, something that could follow me on my journey following my passions. That left out names that would specifically name a product type, like Lovely Lotions, or a location, like Greenville Garden Gal. I wanted something that would be identified with me and my likes, gardening, food, self-care, and foraging, uses for herbs and weeds, recipes…well you get the idea. I knew that I wanted the name to have an earthy/plant feel, but nothing too…. specific. It just so happens that I love green and I always associate it with plants and nature, prosperity and success, but I couldn’t just call my business Green…. well I could but it felt incomplete. As I wrote down all my passions to see what the commonality was I started thinking it would be great to just have a big file or pile or bag or container I could place all these passions in. I began thinking about food and cooking…. probably because I was hungry wishing I could just cook something up, then it hit me. Like an epiphany, I just blurted out “GREEN CAULDRON”! It was perfect, well almost. When I started looking on-line to see if or how others were using green cauldron I found that there is an amazing place in Australia called Green Cauldron. It looked beautiful and someday I hope that I can see it in person, BUT that also meant that green cauldron as a web page was already taken. OY! Back to the drawing board. BUT I LOVED the name. So, after a bit of a break and some time thinking and writing it dawned on me. Add MY to it, because after all it was a cauldron of MY passions and dreams, MY art and thoughts. BAM!! There it was, My Green Cauldron! This name just fits and feels so right, comfortable, and me! From there I can base the rest of the business from this amazing starting point.

I do have to add that from the day I came up with the name cauldrons have started to appear everywhere for me. My boys spot them any time we are out. I have even been gifted a large cast iron cauldron. To say that I picked a good name would really be an understatement, I believe I have found the exactly right and perfect name.

My Green Cauldron

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