My Green Cauldron

Category: wild food

eat the greens : dandelion

it’s spring!! time to get those early spring greens, one of my faves is dandelion greens. this is the easy way to prepare them, quick and healthy! do you have a favorite way to eat your greens?

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Why My Green Cauldron?

Why My Green Cauldron? I have had questions about the name I have chosen for my business. I always believe names are important. There is a lot attached to words and names. We all carry some sort of association with…

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Leaf Light

the beauty of the spring garden

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spring greens tonic soup

delicious soup made with spring wild greens

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Early Greens, Ground Ivy

The warm weather and the rain have brought many plants to life around here. Although it is still early in the season (frost is still not out of the question) there are ┬áhand full of ‘weeds’ that are taking advantage…

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