My Green Cauldron


New art happening

Here are some of the things I’ve been working on. We also added a new family member, Pippin the cutie kitty.

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Imagining another universe

One of the projects in working on is a watercolor set of alternative universes. I’m really enjoying the painting and making my own space skies. This reminds me very much of my cyanoprints/ecoprints from the summer.

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Alternative Universe Additions

I’m still collaborating with chaos, but I’m a different medium than I originally started. You can check out the first set of alternate universes here, This time I am creating with watercolor. Using household items to create texture (this…

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Seed of life

I’ve been doing lots of art lately but I haven’t been sharing. Sorry. Here is something I worked on this morning.

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New for Me

I have never used the app to write a post. I prefer to use my laptop for this kinda stuff. I decided to step into a new realm, learn/try something new. Big deal, right!?! For me it is, I usually…

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Winter is still here

Living in Michigan the weather can be unpredictable. warm, rainy and windy in February and snow, freezing temperatures and ice in march. it is what it is. i’m ready for spring! the cold weather has made it easier to get…

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