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Leaf Light

the beauty of the spring garden

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Asparagus with lemon and chives, yum!

One of the most anticipated veggie to grow in our garden is the asparagus. We wait all year long for this spring veggie to arrive. There are so many way to enjoy asparagus (boiling/steaming them to mush is not an…

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The Glory of a Garden

  I’ll be out in my garden today. it is the time for peas, green beans and lots cleaning up. How does your garden grow?

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Early Greens, Ground Ivy

The warm weather and the rain have brought many plants to life around here. Although it is still early in the season (frost is still not out of the question) there are  hand full of ‘weeds’ that are taking advantage…

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Spring is here, the Nettle has sprung!!!

first sign of spring, nettle!

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warm weather

it is February in Michigan. it is suppose to be cold, snowy, dreary. with gray days and routine. but not today….today it was beautiful, sunny and over sixty, 60!! we spent a majority of the day outside, feigning chores and…

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