My Green Cauldron


Cool & Crunchy Cucumber Salsa

This is a recipe that was shared on Facebook a few years back. it is so so good!! and i really nice way to use up the extra cukes and maters from the garden Cool & Crunchy Cucumber Salsa 2…

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white bean, sage and garlic soup

quick, simple, delicious

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Why My Green Cauldron?

Why My Green Cauldron? I have had questions about the name I have chosen for my business. I always believe names are important. There is a lot attached to words and names. We all carry some sort of association with…

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Aebleskivers, a Danish tradition

Hi All!! I am excited to share this experience with you! The community i live in has a Danish festival every year, it’s the one Big thing the city does. People from all over visit our city then for all…

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Asparagus with lemon and chives, yum!

One of the most anticipated veggie to grow in our garden is the asparagus. We wait all year long for this spring veggie to arrive. There are so many way to enjoy asparagus (boiling/steaming them to mush is not an…

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Spring is here, the Nettle has sprung!!!

first sign of spring, nettle!

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