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The beginning of The Layered Page project

the beginnings of the layered page project

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Art Book Flip Thru

After finishing the workshop #thelayeredpage i thought i would show off my cute little art books.

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Gelli Plate Printing

making prints on my handmade gelli plate.

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Imbolc : what if?

Imbolic: the overflowing wellspring
how i created my bubble painting and some thoughts on the season.

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Looking into Imbolc

Looking into the symbols, mythology, stories of Imbolc

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Story of Flowers

Story of Flowers animation

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Day 2: 5 days of Mandala Magic

empower, enchant, inspire

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Day 1 Mandala Magic

I am switching gears a bit with my morning art. 21 days of morning mood mandalas has wrapped up. Julie Gibbons 5 Days of Mandala Magic has begun. Today, in the art journaling, I followed the prompt of the moon…

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Day 19 Morning Mood Mandala

Day 19

My mood mandala is one of abundance, joy, divine love. The colors are ones I mixed a few days ago but they seemed to fit perfectly. Red grounding moving into purple, the sign of wealth and royalty, to a indigo…

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